Effective 2019: Please note that our Group Services Programs are on hold until further notice!


Parents & Grandparents

Family Parenting

This group program is open to all adult members of extended families. It recognizes the important role of grandparents in raising their grandchildren as well as discusses some of the unique opportunities and challenges in multi-generational parenting / family parenting; oftentimes in the same household.   


Some of the topics covered are:


  • importance of grandparents in child development

  • inter generational customs & traditions

  • cultural implications

  • transferring cultural values from generation to generation

  • early literacy 

  • positive family parenting

  • handling conflict

  • family communication

  • family financial literacy & financial management 

  • parenting plans & more!

To register for the next Focus On Fathers program OR to make a referral, please contact:

CCSYR Group Services Department

905.770.7040 Ext. 237


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