Mental Wellness Focus

Mental Wellness is a Priority Needs Program within Counselling and Group Services. We try to respond to these complex issues in more intentional and focused ways. This includes additional staff training, creating group programs for ongoing support and more choice, collaborating with other service providers, and having take-home literature in our waiting areas. Our ``Team Wraparound`` approach means you will have your own counsellor, but we bring more resources to work for you from the whole team. Finally we track demonstrable outcomes and we seek partnerships for more sustainable programming in these areas.


Most of us will struggle to maintain mental wellness at some point in our lives. Some have chronic mental health needs, or trauma in their past. We work with clients and their allies, to reduce the isolation that comes with mental illness, reduce the severity of symptoms, and take back control of their lives. Our counsellors and group leaders help with: chronic depression, anxiety, anger, past trauma, emotional dysregulation and prolonged grief. We also help with the daily challenges of being a caregiver, for parents, dependent children, or partners. We do not exclude people based on diagnosis, but we will carefully assess, with your input, our capacity to work with the issues that have been identified for you or someone in your family. Let us know at Intake if you or someone in your household wants to work on mental wellness.


A face to face Consultation may be required prior to ongoing Counselling.


Fees are assessed for each client, based on household income. The maximum fee is $100. No one is turned away for lack of ability to pay. Proof of income may be required.


Locations: Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Maple, and Georgina. (Walk-In is in Richmond Hill only.)


Languages: English, Spanish, Farsi, Cantonese and Mandarin. (Walk-In is limited to language of the counsellors available.)


Call “Intake” at 905-770-7040, extension 241 (toll free 1-800-263-2075).


CCSYR is a Family Service Agency accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation.