Effective 2019: Please note that our Group Services Programs are on hold until further notice!


Reconnecting Fathers

Reconnecting Fathers (RC) is a specialized 8 session group program for fathers who are unable to live with their children; especially during times of stress and transition, marital separation or court/CAS involvement. The purpose of this program is to help fathers stay engaged with their children, make use of opportunities to visit with their children, be more supportive of their child’s mother, and how to manage their own reactions and choices.


Reconnecting Fathers is led by a male facilitator with years of professional group therapy experience. The same range of topics may be covered as in our Focus On Fathers program, but there is more time for the group to deal with feelings about CAS and Court, managing anger and frustration, rebuilding relationships with children, making best use of access times and visits, healthier boundaries with partners/ex-partners, etc.

To register for the next Focus On Fathers program OR to make a referral, please contact:

CCSYR Group Services Department

905.770.7040 Ext. 237


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