Helping individuals and their families thrive and grow in relationship with one another and within our community.                                                                  


We reach out to support, counsel and guide individuals and families from diverse backgrounds and faiths. Inspired by the “Key Principles of Catholic Social Teaching”, we recognize the dignity and worth of each individual. We provide a broad array of programs and services that enable all citizens, immigrants, newcomers and refugees, to participate fully in the social, economic, political, and cultural life of our community.


Values and Guiding Principles




Respect               We acknowledge and accept the inherent dignity and rights of every individual, practicing mutual                                         respect in all we do.

Compassion         We believe in serving all people from diverse communities with sensitivity and caring.

Accountability: - We accept responsibility to provide service excellence and to act with integrity, in every encounter with our colleagues, clients, funders and other stakeholders. We are authentic, upholding our mission in all we do. We exercise good governance and we are fiscally responsible, accountable and transparent.


Collaboration        We believe in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation within our agency and with other                                                         organizations to meet the needs of the communities we serve. We are united as a group in our                                             purpose, and support each other to achieve the best possible collective outcome. We keep our                                           clients and our partners engaged through information sharing, social media and person-to-person                                        interactions and drive positive change in our community through our proactive approach. 

Professional         We always act professionally, taking pride in our work and our conduct and we

Excellence           continuously implement best practices in all that we do. Our programs and services are of the                                              highest quality. Our programs are evidence-based, relevant and effective in addressing the needs                                       of our community.

Social Justice      We believe every person has a fundamental right to life and to the necessities of life. We

& Solidarity          are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, wherever they live. We are one human family, whatever our                                       differences. Solidarity means that ‘loving our neighbor’ has global dimensions in an interdependent                                       world. Our actions are to best serve the common good.

Responsive &      We use the human touch on all we do. We are action oriented and dedicated to meeting

Focused on         the needs of our clients and our partners. We do what we say and we will do with

Client Service      energy and enthusiasm.

Stewardship         We show our respect for the earth and act as good stewards of the environment, by doing our part                                       to reduce our footprint and create a sustainable world.                                   

Board Members

Gary Thompson, P. Eng., C.Eng., MBA, MSc., MIET, MIEEE

Board Chair

Supervisor - Engineering Energy Solutions & System Studies

Toronto Hydro Electric System, Ltd.


Utilia Amaral

Vice Chair

Founder & CEO


Maxine Palomino

Board Secretary


Partner, Palomino Gordon Law Professional Corporation

Vikram Kashyap

Board Treasurer

Vice-President, Finance-Operations

ShawCor Ltd.


Rev. Fr. Steven Kwon

Board Member

Pastor, St. Joseph the Worker Church

Thornhill, Ontario

Joseph Bahoshy

Board Member

Retired Bilingual Professional/

NGO Management


Natalie Cesario

Board Member

Manager, Court Operations

Ministry of Attorney General

Vladimir Mamaradlo

Board Member

Lay Youth Pastor

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Mississauga