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Refugees and Immigrants services 
School settlement services
Library Settlement Partnerships (LSP)
Integration Network Program (INP)

Services for Immigrants and Refugees

Counselling Services

Immigrant Settlement and refugees Services provides to settle and integrate in order to become established and contributing members of Canadian society.

Counselling Services are open to all residents of York Region. We are a multicultural agency and welcome people from all ethnic, religious, cultural and racial backgrounds.

Library Settlement Partnerships (LSP)

Did you know your public library has resources to support your English learning, do job search, help child’s school study, get information about the community and services, and have fun with your family?

Integration Network Program (INP)

The Integration Network program can help Newcomers adjust,adapt and integrate into Canadian society through social connections and shared activities.your family?

School Settlement

New to Canada? Do you have a child enrolled in a York Region Public or Catholic school? School Settlement Workers will help you bridge the gap between newcomer families and the schools.

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