Community Connections’ Integration Network Program:

Integration Network Program (INP) is a federally funded immigrant settlement program offered by CCSYR.  INP aims to provide community connections to newcomers, in group settings with the help and support of community members as volunteers. The objective is to assist, encourage and promotes new immigrants’ integration socially, culturally, economically and professionally into Canadian Society. All INP activities are possible through the IRCC funding, and support of volunteers / mentors. Newcomers become informed and engaged, and eventually feel at home in their new communities across York Region.  


If you are a Permanent Resident or a Convention Refugee, you can join any of our following programs:

English & French Conversation Circles (ECC & FCC): The objective is to provide an opportunity to practise English and French communication skills, learn about Canadian culture, way of life, and to make friends in an informal group setting. Weekly groups run in the 5 Welcome Centres in York Region and McConaghy Centre.  Our committed and welcoming volunteers who are interested in newcomers’ successful settlement in Canada assist us.


Professional Networking Café (PNC): Newcomer professionals learn from mentors about work place culture, share job market information and work experiences with peers on a weekly basis.


Networking Sessions:

Other career based group sessions are planned to meet and greet with industry experts, associations and employers which includes:

  • Managers Network

  • Engineers Network

  • Entrepreneurs Network

  • Supply Chain Management

Healthcare Study Groups:  These career-based mentorship / study groups are for Foreign-trained clients in Regulated Professions who plan to pursue a career in their professional fields. Clients prepare for requalification exams / processes in these sessions. Presently, we offers sessions for;

  • International Medical Graduates (IMG)

  • Internationally Trained Dentists (ITD)

  • International Pharmacy Graduates (IPG)

  • Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN)

Study Groups for Professional Designations: These designations are highly sought after in the Canadian job market when combined with academic education. They include but are not limited to;

  • Project Management

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Supply Chain


Annual Events: We organize various social, cultural and informative events for newcomers in order to get involved and obtain a practical understanding of Canadian society and its values; i.e.  Canada Day, Remembrance Day, Halloween and Holiday Parties, Meet Your MP/MPP, Newcomer Cultural Fair and Education Fair are among our annual events.


Summer Activities: Outdoor summer activities includes a Day Trip to Niagara Region, Walk & Talk, or attending local musical events as a group such as Concerts in Mill Pond Park and Summer Yoga, are among some of the recreational activities.


Tax Clinic: We coordinate a year-round Community Volunteer Income Tax Clinic (CVITP) for newcomer individuals and families in collaboration with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Newcomer Volunteer Workshops: From time to time, we offer Newcomer Volunteer Workshops for newcomer clients to provide a general understanding about the importance of volunteering in Canada and how it can assist them in building and expanding networks, improving communication skills and connecting to available resources.



Monthly Volunteer Orientations: 

Volunteers are an integral part of our work. Monthly Volunteer Orientations sessions from multiple locations in the region provides information to interested and committed volunteers. These sessions provide information about services and resources in the community, information about CCSYR, our Welcome Centre and Community partners, and general information on Volunteering.

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